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1LIFE1YOU Fitness Customized Training Plan


$149.99/3 Month Commitment 


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All Programs Are Only $26.99/3 Month Commitment



All Access Plan Is Only $14.99/Month

What You Get With A 1LIFE1YOU Fitness Program


  • Top level workouts with your exact goal in mind
  • Workouts sent directly to you
  • Your own personal fitness calendar
  • Ability to track workouts with ease
  • Video instructions for every exercise 
  • A place to keep measurements & progress photos
  • Ability to customize (freestyle) your own workouts. Choosing from 100's of exercise movements
  • Keep track of all exercise progress
  • Easily find past workouts logged
  • In 1 click, finding out what weight/reps you did for past exercises
  • Rest & Interval timer 
  • Ability to sync MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and other devices to help with your overall fitness goals

All of this (and more) is Included when you sign up for a 1LIFE1YOU Fitness Program




For $4.99 / month you have the option to use the 1LIFE1YOUFITNESS Training App to log your own workouts.

100s of exercises to choose from

Have a better way to log workouts and see your progressions!


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